About AK+

AK+ is an architecture and design firm operating across Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. Our brand is characterised by a mindful simplicity closely informed by nature, paired with an approach that is deeply rooted in tradition with a view to designing the future. What most clearly defines our practice is how we look to add lasting value through our work.

We believe in architecture that creates change and fosters connections, seeking to better the world through work that inspires others to reimagine what is possible. In line with this, we look to reshape the way that our industry thinks and works, spurring progress by enabling collaboration between creatives across various disciplines.

About Alan Kueh

The international award-winning architectural design enterprise AK+ is founded by Alan Kueh, who serves as the Director of AK+ Architects in Australia, AK+ Archipedia in Singapore and AK+ Design Collective in Malaysia. Collaborative yet reflexive, his designs stand out as an innovative integration of many cultural sensibilities alongside cutting-edge modernity. His close design collaborations with notable architects such as Peter Corrigan (Australia) and CPG Consultants (Singapore) have won him numerous international architectural awards and recognition since 2001 (such as the Aspiring Architects Awards for Architecture+ in the UAE & Dubai International Financial Center, DIFC Central Complex Competition).

AK+ prides itself as a rare boutique studio that guarantees the full gamut of architecture services: from design conception to supervision of construction to finally, a timely completion.

The secret to our success lies in a group of diverse talent and expertise. Essentially, we are artists, designers, magicians, poets, and the occasional Zen warriors with an eye for the peculiar and the courage to challenge the norm.

The designated Quality Person at AK+ is David Kung. David has 36 years of professional experience and leads the Design and Construction teams as the Director of Projects. Design Implementation efforts are driven by Bagus Harri Mardoyo, with the uncanny ability to harness cutting-edge technology that adds clarity, quality and style to all his projects. An example of the team’s passion and contribution in green solutions is how AK+ has been rewarded five Energy Efficient Building Awards locally and internationally. Another feather to the cap for the team is while in CPG, we achieved a record Conquas score of 98.5% in Singapore’s High End Condominium, namely for Holland Residences.

Adeline Kueh brings on board to AK+ her multidisciplinary background in Fine Arts, Cultural Studies & literature. Having been involved in art practice, education, curating, design consultancy and chairing numerous cultural studies conferences in Singapore and beyond for the past 20 years, Adeline is instrumental in working on the Concept Design Research with Alan. Rounding up the creative team is Lee Yoon Sheng, the resident specialist of Concept & Branding. His fresh exploration of function and aesthetics are highly sought after by top taste makers at home and all around the region. Yoon Sheng is also a recipient of the 2011 President’s Award Design of the Year.

This eclectic team of 12 continues to be driven by the desire to push the limits of what constitute design in contemporary lifestyle and living.